As a dedicated and unabashed
"Foodie" I am always on the lookout for a kindred spirit. After moving to Washington I was fortunate enough to come upon Terri Carr, someone who shares my passion for food. That is, however where any comparison between Terri and myself begins and ends in that she is the consummate cook and hostess. Dinner at her home is always a feast for both the eyes and the palate. Consequently, I was thrilled to learn that Terri was establishing her own cooking school. Now, I can hardly wait to take my seat at Terri's Table.


Walking into Terri's gorgeous kitchen is really walking into Terri's heart & soul.  Early in our friendship she invited us to dinner & it was incredibly delicious.  Although I wouldn't have said it to her I was sure she had the dinner was that good! But then she brought me into her kitchen & seeing the pots & pans around I realized she had made everything! That is when I knew I was in the presence of a serious chef. - Robin

I just took the roasted chicken cooking class with Terri's Table.  My teenage daughter & friends took a class with Terri back in February and they loved it!  Ever since then I have wanted to take a class of my own.  Finally I did yesterday & it was so much fun AND so informative!  My mother & sister joined me and we learned how to prepare the most delicious roast chicken with vegetables.  Following her recipe is so simple...I will make this delicious & easy dinner once a week for my family for sure! Terri welcomed us into her beautiful kitchen & had drinks & appetizers for us to start.  Next we prepared the beautiful meal including a delicious spinach salad & an amazingly simple yet stunning apple tart drizzled with caramel sauce.  Then we all sat down and enjoyed the delicious food we just prepared.  It was such a relaxing & fun environment in which to cook...the most enjoyable afternoon! Throughout the class Terri shared chef tricks, shopping secrets & a ton of helpful hints for everyday cooking.  I can't wait to take another one of her classes!  Perfect venue for girls night/day out AND teenage birthday party/get together for your budding foodie!  My daughter now makes us the dinner she learned to prepare with Terri!!  Linda